Living Afloat

Living next to the water has always had its attractions and wherever there is a stretch of water there will almost always be a group of people who want to live at its edge. There is another group of people who have made the decision that living on the water is even more attractive. They are a diverse bunch, those who choose to live afloat; they have given up traditional bricks and mortar for the freedom of life on the water.

There are many attractions to living afloat. Some people just love the water and the feeling of being closer to nature but for many it is a lifestyle choice. It is completely different from living in a conventional house or apartment. Being close to nature with ducks or swans outside the bedroom window gives a different slant on life.

Living afloat is not without its problems. Boats tend to need more maintenance and they tend to not appreciate in value the way that houses used to. Sometimes moorings are difficult to find, but here at Port Werburgh there is a space that could be just right for you and your boat.

Anyone thinking about living afloat should do three things. Read the book “A Home Afloat” by Gary Cookson, come and talk to the Crew at Port Werburgh and then start your life afloat at Port Werburgh.